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NutriGenie's mission is to create quality software for better health. In 1995, we received the Home PC Editors' Choice: Top 100 Products of the Year Award. No other nutrition software company ever received comparable distinction.


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 |    ---  | home | products | screenshots | demos | FAQ | food databases  ---|---|---|---|---|---    |# **NutriGenie** 's mission is to create quality nutrition software for betterhealth.In addition to numerous top ratings from software reviewers, in 1995, wereceived the **Home PC Editors' Choice: _Top 100 Products of the YearAward_**. No other nutrition software company ever received comparabledistinctions.    Our nutrition software products have been licensed by health organizations,universities, physicians and individual users throughout the world. With usersin over 50 countries , NutriGenie is undisputedly the world's leadingnutrition software publisher. While most competitive programs are limited tolocal distribution, NutriGenie software has been universally acclaimed as thebest of its kind and translated into Italian, Croatian, Greek, Czech andGerman--with other international versions in development.We publish software for general nutrition as well as for specific medicalconditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, kidney diseases, obesity,hypertension, and for special diets such as ketogenic diet, carbohydrate-restricted diet (Atkins diet), zone diet, glycemic index diet, sugar busters,protein power, etc.Some of the unique features of our nutrition software programs include theirability to automatically generate balanced menus based on calorie requirementsand their graphic analysis of diet based on the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. Newerversions of our software, such as Optimal Nutrition, can evaluate your dailydiet and give it a star rating making the task of preparing a healthy dieteasy and enjoyable. The user interface has been carefully designed so that allimportant nutrition information is presented on one main screen and use ofkeyboard to enter food data is kept to the minimum.Please browse through our product catalog and download sample software forevaluation.Featured software:  Latest searchable online nutrient databases:  * Alcohol Content in Foods and Drinks  * Antioxidants in Foods  * Choline Content of 4,157 Foods  * Caffeine Content of Foods  * Carbohydrate Content of Foods  * Cholesterol Content of Foods  * Copper Content of Foods  * Fiber Content of Foods  * Fluoride Content of 561 Foods and Drinks  * Folate Counter  * Fructose Content of 1,251 Foods and Drinks  * Galactose Content of 1,098 foods  * Glucose Content of 1,252 Foods  * Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load of 3,775 Foods  * Iron Content of Foods  * Lactose Content of 1,232 Foods  * Lycopene Content of 4,632 Foods  * Magnesium Counter  * Maltose Content of 1,220 foods  * Manganese Content of 6,215 Foods  * Phosphorus Content of Foods  * Potassium Counter  * Protein Counter  * PRAL Value of 6,941 Foods for Low-Acid or Alkaline Diet  * Salt and Sugar Ratings of Foods  * Selenium Content of Foods  * Sodium / Potassium Ratio of Foods  * Sucrose Content of 1,250 foods  * Sugar Counter  * Thiamin Content of Foods  * Trans Fat Content of 2,150 Foods  * Vitamin A Content of Foods  * Vitamin B-1 Content of Foods  * Vitamin B-6 Content of Foods  * Vitamin B-12 Content of Foods  * Vitamin C Content of Foods  * Vitamin D Content of 4,635 Foods  * Vitamin E Content of Foods  * Vitamin K Content of Foods  * Zinc Content of FoodsEssential Amino Acids and Protein Quality databases:  * PROTEIN QUALITY of Foods  * Histidine Content of Foods  * Isoleucine Content of Foods  * Leucine Content of Foods  * Lysine Content of Foods  * Methionine Content of Foods  * Phenylalanine Content of Foods  * Threonine Content of Foods  * Tryptophan Content of Foods  * Valine Content of FoodsDiets and Food Lists for Specific Diseases and Medical Conditions  * Acid Reflux Diet  * Akaline Diet - Low Acid Diet  * Alzheimer's Diet  * Anemia Diet with iron, folate and vitamin B-12 data  * Arthritis Nutrition based on NIH guidelines   * Asthma Diet based on National Institutes of Health guidelines  * Atkins Diet Food Database with net carbs, carbs, fiber, protein, fat and calorie data  * Bodybuilding Nutrition  * Celiac Disease and Osteoporosis Nutrition  * Cholesterol Lowering Foods with cholesterol of foods rated in mgs and in innovative EGG Equivalent units.  * Cholesterol-Saturated Fat Index Calculator: CSI ratings for 8,000+ foods. Index devised by researchers at Oregon Health Sciences University to allow direct comparison between foods in their impact on cholesterol levels.   * Cirrhosis Diet based on National Institutes of Health guidelines  * Colon Health Diet  * Constipation Diet  * Crohn's Disease Diet  * Cystic Fibrosis Diet based on National Institutes of Health guidelines  * DASH Diet for lower high blood pressure  * Diabetes Nutrition  * Diverticulitis Diet  * Fat Chance: Sugar is Toxic, companion to Lustig's Fat Chance, with sugar-calorie percentages of common foods   * Fatty Liver Disease Diet based on National Institutes of Health guidelines  * Fibromyalgia Diet  * Geriatric Nutrition - Diet for the Elderly  * Glycemic Load Diet  * Gout Diet  * Graves Disease Diet based on National Institutes of Health guidelines  * Heart Diet  * Hemochromatosis Diet based on National Institutes of Health guidelines  * Hemorrhoids Diet  * Herpes Simplex Nutrition, healing foods to help manage symptoms of herpes based on NIH and University of Maryland Medical Center guidelines   * High Fiber Diet  * High Protein Diet  * Hyperkalemia Diet, foods for high blood potassium levels  * Hypokalemia Diet, foods for low blood potassium levels  * Iodine Deficiency, iodine content of 1,500 UK foods   * Irritable Bowel Syndrome Diet  * Ketogenic Diet  * Kidney Stone Diet with calcium, potassium, sodium and protein data, in addition to oxalate content of vegetables table  * Lactose Intolerance Diet based on National Institutes of Health guidelines.   * Low Carb Diet  * Low Fat Diet Food Database with total fat, saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat contents of foods. Foods are rated based on quantity and quality of fat contents  * Low Fiber Diet food finder   * Low Residue Diet  * Low Sodium Diet for high blood pressure. Unique Salt Index for each of more than 8,000 common foods.   * Low Starch Diet Food Database with starch, fiber, sugars and total carb contents of 8,000+ foods  * Low Sugar Diet Food Database sugars and fructose contents of 4,000+ foods lowest in sugar  * Mediterranean Diet  * Meniere's Disease Diet based on NIH guidelines: low sodium, low caffeine and alcohol to manage vertigo and related symptoms of Meniere's disease.   * Muscle Cramps Nutrition, based on National Institutes of Health guidelines  * Net Carb Counter with carbohydrate and fiber content of foods  * No Carb Diet food database: 1,900 foods with zero carb contents  * Nutrition for Healthy Bones with calcium and vitamin D content of foods  * Osteoporosis Diet  * Pancreatitis Diet  * Parkinson's Disease Nutrition, based on National Institutes of Health guidelines  * Peptic Ulcer Diet  * Potassium Rich Foods calculated relative to banana's potassium content  * Prostate Cancer Diet  * Prostatitis Diet  * Renal Diet  * Sports Nutrition  * TLC Diet, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet for lowering cholesterol based on National Institutes of Health guidelines  * TMAU Low-Choline Diet for Trimethylaminuria or fish odor syndrome   * Ulcerative Colitis Diet  * Vegan Diet  * Wilson's Disease DietOnline food databases for popular diets:  * Gary Taubes: Why We Get Fat and What to Do about It  * Joel Fuhrman: Eat to Live Diet  * Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load of Foods  * Sugar Content of Foods and Fructose Counter  * Mike Moreno: The 17 Day Diet  * The New Atkins for a New YouInteresting and useful food lists:  * List of 500 Worst Foods for Weight Loss  * List of 100 Fattiest Foods in World  * List of 400 Top Calcium Food Sources  * List of 400 Carb Richest Foods  * List of 400 Foods Highest in Cholesterol  * List of 400 Foods Highest in Saturated Fat  * List of 400 Saltiest Foods  * List of 100 Foods and Drinks Highest in Caffeine Content  * List of 400 Foods Highest in Fiber  * List of 400 Foods Highest in Iron  * List of Top 400 Magnesium-Rich Foods  * List of Foods Highest in Oxalate for kidney stone diet  * List of Top 400 Phosphorus-Rich Foods  * List of Top 400 Potassium-Rich Foods  * List of Top 400 Protein-Rich Foods  * List of 500 Foods Highest in Selenium  * List of 400 Sweetest Foods  * List of 400 Richest Food Sources of Vitamin A  * List of 400 Richest Food Sources of Vitamin E  * List of 400 Richest Food Sources of Vitamin KOther NutriGenie diet software recently released:  * South Beach Diet Counter  * High Fiber Diet  * Atkins Controlled Carb Diet  * Glucose Revolution Diet  * DASH Diet for Lowering High Blood Pressure  * Omega Rx Zone DietInternational nutrient databases: French, Italian, Czech and Greek  * French: Table de composition nutritionnelle des aliments  * Italian: Macronutrienti  * Croatian: Makronutrijenata  * Czech: Makronutrienty  * Greek: μακροθρεπτικάOur software is compatible with all 32-bit versions of Windows, includingWindows 7. If you run the 64-bit version of Windows 7, you need Windows 7Professional or Ultimate to use its XP mode. Please install our free trialsoftware and evaluate it fully before purchasing.If you need nutrient analysis software for 64-bit Windows, please visitHealth-Diet.us for their latest catalog.    ---  |  | about | awards | partners | support | contact  ---|---|---|---|---